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Everyday beauty!

This definitely one of my favourites out of the 4 Woven Stone bracelets I own!

Charmingly casual

Just love the look of both of these bracelets, so versatile.

Awesome bracelet!

Very Happy

Loved the bracelet. The clasp makes it easy to wear and take off. It’s very pretty and appears to be well made. Would buy again.

Beautiful and goes with every outfit

I love all the jewelry I get from Woven Stone!

Quality, product & delivery

Gift well received

Resilient Peaks Anklet

Love their bracelets

It called to me!

When I first saw this at the Nomad Holiday Market, I examined it and asked the guy at the booth a couple questions, but then I moved on afterwards to check out the other vendors, giving a glance as I circled around the craft fair a second time. I couldn't stop thinking about it, and when I saw the same booth, same guy, and same bracelet at the Victoria Etsy Artisans Holiday Event, I asked some more questions and tried it on. It looked and felt really nice, but I put it back on the display and continued to explore the market. Circling around with some gift purchases, I passed by it again, but kept getting drawn to it. I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I made the decision to buy it for myself, and I've been happier since!

Most of the pictures have an awfully yellow tint to them, but the second and third ones here are more accurate representations to the one that I bought. It's pretty, but not overly feminine, thanks to the rock pattern choices and leather wraps. The smaller size fit me best, and the dangling pearl on the inside of the wrist helps assure that I don't rest my arm on top of it. I wish I had a list of all the jewelry used in this so I could look into the effects they could have on the wearer.

I'd recommend this for those who want a bracelet with shine and color that's not the standard thick black leather with silver studs or spikes. See and feel what resonates with you, and what colors and rock combinations match you and your needs to find balance, it helped me!


As usual the bracelets are a beautiful work of art. The 8” double wrap fits perfectly. The 8” single wrap onyx is a bit big but I’d rather that than tight. I have many woven stone bracelets and love them all. Reggie


As always... AMAZING!!!!! ❤️ Obsessed with all of Wovenstone’s products and great customer service too!!


I don't know how to amend my other review but i got my bracelet today and it's perfect. The craftsmanship is impeccable! I can't wait for people to notice.

Love my bracelets from Woven Stone!

I have 4 different Woven Stone bracelets now and I love & wear them all. Thank you!


Just arrived in time for Christmas
Quality stones and craftsmanship
Best part in a pouch so makes it easy for me to give to my spouse in her stocking :)

Amazonite Collection - Double Wrap Bracelet

These bracelets are absolutely beautiful! I have bought a few different styles for myself and family members and we love them all, the time spent to make every piece so perfect is incredible, thank you for creating such beautiful pieces! Keep up the wonderful work! :)


I absolutely love this bracelet.. especially the crystals and the light, simple colour scheme. It’s so beautiful and goes with everything. The clasp makes it super easy to put on and take off. This piece and all of the other Woven Stone pieces I own are of the highest quality. I can’t recommend this brand enough.

Garnet Collection - Single Wrap Bracelet

Second Order

Love this stuff. Order delivers quick and the product is awesome. Thanks again!

Beautiful craftsmanship!

Love this bracelet. The colours go nicely together and I get lots of compliments on it. The magnet clasp is so easy to use. It is made very well and I have had no issues with it. The crystals add a bit of sparkle, which I love! Thanks Wovenstone!

Amethyst Collection - Single Wrap Bracelet

Beautiful piece!

Love this bracelet, one of four I’ve bought as Christmas gifts for family!

My Canadian souvenir

I just bought my woodsman on a cruise in August, and I honestly love the product, but so far 3 beads have fallen off and this makes me skeptical of what the salesman had told me about how durable this bracelet would be.

Favourite bracelet

Absolutely love this bracelet - my favourite souvenir from a wonderful Canadian holiday. Pretty, rustic, robust. I will definitely add to my collection in future.

Woven Stone - Jade

Lovely bracelet, I am very happy with the design, fit and workmanship


Someone had gotten one of these as a gift for me while we were traveling, it didn’t fit, so we went back. They offered to make a custom size and send it to me! Just got it and I absolutely love it.
Thank you!!!!